A Strong Foundation

Strong foundations set Magnolia Homes apart. As a top home builder in the Memphis area, Magnolia Homes meets and exceeds expectations on a regular basis. We set the bar higher than industry standards for our homes because we care about the long-term livability of our homeowners.   Like with most construction, some of the most important

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Go Green and Go Home – Magnolia Homes Are Energy Efficient

You may have heard about the importance of reducing your carbon footprint. You may understand that when a home is built with more energy efficiency you will have lower energy and maintenance costs. But how can you tell if a home is built with green technologies? The truth is, it’s pretty difficult because most of

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Collierville named “2014 Best Main Street in America” by Parade Magazine

After carefully reviewing thousands of entries, Parade Magazine chose Collierville, Tennessee as having the “2014 Best Main Street in America”. While all of us at Magnolia Homes and Oak Grove Realty were thrilled at the great news, we already knew that Collierville is an exceptional town. “In the summer, neighbors gather on the Collierville square,

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4 Perks to Choosing a Mesh Office Chair

You may be surprised at how expensive office chairs can cost, but once you factor in how much time you spend sitting in your office, you’ll be glad you made the investment in a quality chair. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a superior office chair. Chair companies such as Sitbetter

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