Home Construction Glossary: R-13 Insulation

A Reason to Insulate: Heat Transfer Heat always moves from hot to cold. Hot air can move through several mechanisms but the most common method of heat loss for homes and buildings is through conduction. Conduction is the heat transfer through materials that touch, the same way that heat is transferred from a pan to

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Tyvek ® HomeWrap ® … It’s a Jacket for Your Home

Here at Magnolia Homes, we hold ourselves to a high set of standards.  So we want to make sure we select building materials that match our reputation.  We believe our customers look to us for uniquely designed homes that are built with quality in mind.   When it comes to protecting homes from the elements,

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The Perks of Building with James Hardie®

Of the following, what would you say are the most important to you in your new home: Quality of construction, energy efficiency, or low maintenance? What if you could have all of those in one product? The truth of it is – you can. James Hardie® offers a variety of products that offer all of

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Go Green and Go Home – Magnolia Homes Are Energy Efficient

You may have heard about the importance of reducing your carbon footprint. You may understand that when a home is built with more energy efficiency you will have lower utility bills and maintenance costs. But how can you tell if a home is built with green technologies? The truth is, it’s pretty difficult because most

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