7 Resolutions for Your Home Going Into the New Year

At the start of the new year, you might have many resolutions that you’ve set for your personal life. While it’s important to make these a priority, they don’t have to be your only focus. You can also set resolutions to help make your home a better place to live in. The ideas below can help get you started so you can easily find ways to keep making improvements in one of your biggest investments.


Clean the Outside

No matter where you live, the weather can take a toll on the overall appearance of the outside of your house. From the walls to the patio, everything can end up being caked in dirt and mud once the year is over. To start fresh, have the outside of your home, including the driveway and patio, power washed.


Make a List of Improvements

Stop putting off those improvements that you would like to have done by making a list starting with what’s most important. Make it your ultimate goal to finish one of these a month until everything is finished. By even adding something as simple as oiling hinges on cabinets so they don’t squeak, you can make improvements that help you love your home.


Learn How to Fix Something

Learning how to do DIY repairs and updates in your home is well worth the time it takes. Take a class, read a book, or even watch online videos to learn how to do something. Start with a small project and over time you’ll end up being a lot more handy in your home.



Get rid of clutter by organizing your home from corner to corner. Tackle this task by starting with one area and making it so that every single item has a home. Although this may take a while, it will help make cleaning a breeze and can reduce the amount of clutter lying around. Organizing will also make it a lot easier to find things so you save time and reduce frustration.


Use Less Energy

Cutting down on energy is good for the earth and your wallet. At first, this can mean doing simple things like turning off the lights when you leave a room or unplugging appliances when they’re not in use. Over time, you can look into solar panels, energy savings programs, smart thermostats, and other energy savers that also reduce energy use.


Make Smart Updates

Smart updates, such as changing your roof material or adding more insulation to your attic, can be cost-effective and good for the environment. Change what you can afford to, and over time, you’ll have made some great updates.


Make Your Favorite Room Perfect

Think about the room you spend the most time in and what you can do to make it better. Try to make small improvements every week so you can make this room one that you love. Even simple changes can go a long way, so add anything to your list that you feel is important.


No home is completely perfect, even if it’s brand new. However, there are always ways to improve the one you live in so it feels more comfortable. By getting started at the beginning of the new year, you’ll be able to look forward to a house you love come December.