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Compaction of soil under the footprint of the home when needed. Heavy industrial compacting tractors are used to compress the soil under the slab, greatly reducing settling. This is not a common practice among all developers and builders, but one that should not be overlooked. Omitting this important step shows up in homes a year or two after completion.


Our Slab

Each slab is engineered and strengthened by extra steel rebar that strengthens the integrity of the slab. Each Magnolia Homes slab uses extra steel to increase the structural strength and reduce cracks from seismic wave vibration. Magnolia Homes sets their slab, a minimum of 14 inches out of the ground, to avoid any drainage issues. Other builders slabs are sometimes 8 inches off of the ground.


Warranty and Accountability

At Magnolia Homes, we give our new home buyers a ten-year warranty, something that will benefit every homeowner for years to come. Karen and Reggie Garner Jr. personally handle any and every issue that a new homeowner has in their first year. In addition, Magnolia Homes offers a limited QBWC 10-year warranty, that is backed by Liberty Mutual, with every home we build.

QBW Warranty Details


Landscaping and Aesthetics

Many builders clear-cut the areas surrounding their communities, forcing prospective homeowners to drive through construction gates and mud-covered roads. Magnolia Homes’ communities are easily identifiable by their pristine construction sites, well-kept roads, and beautiful landscaping. We begin the development of a Magnolia Homes community by developing an elegant entrance, lush landscaping, and natural common spaces, based on what we feel each community needs all developed and family ready before the first nail is driven on a home. Walking trails, pools, water features, and bridges are also constructed first so the environment is ready for families to enjoy as soon as they move into their new home. Landscaping is given that extra touch to showcase the Magnolia Home masterpiece. Each home is designed and landscaped to complete the overall look of your custom built home.


Step-by-Step Supervision

Karen and Reggie Garner are not just figureheads at Magnolia Homes. They are integrally involved in every aspect of the building process. Karen selects all the lighting and colors on non-custom built homes and assists on custom homes, an example of details that most builders leave to someone on the crew. She always supervises the finishing process and personally inspects walls to find any imperfections that can only be detected by sight – part of the Legendary Karen Garner Walk-through.



Whether you are purchasing your first home or moving on to a new one, Magnolia Homes’ local mortgage partners can help you find the loan program that best suits your needs. We invite you to consult with these mortgage lenders to discuss the current programs and find out just how low-interest rates really are!


Online Sales Counselor

The Magnolia Homes custom building team works with experienced, intuitive real estate sales professionals throughout the Memphis area. They are keenly aware of the unique features that set our luxury homes apart from the rest. Our real estate sales partners take the time to understand your needs and find the home to match. We invite you to talk with our Online Sales Counselor. She can point you in the right direction when you are trying to narrow down the search for your dream home!
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The Magnolia Difference

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