Home Warranty 101

Welcome to the Home Warranty 101! At Magnolia Homes, we go beyond just getting our homeowners to closing day, but we also offer superior home warranty to ensure our homeowners are covered for the long run.  

Today, we’re interviewing Shannon Parker. She is our Warranty Manager and is the face behind our warranty team! She does an excellent job communicating with our homeowners about their warranty and working effectively with our vendors who provide the warranty service. We sat down and asked a variety of questions that we thought would be helpful to share with everyone!

Why is home warranty important?

Home Warranty is important because it ensures our homeowners that they feel protected. We want your home to stand the test of time and genuinely be a place to build memories for a lifetime. At Magnolia Homes, we take pride in ensuring our homeowners feel comfortable and safe in their investment. Home Warranty goes beyond the surface of a home.

What do you wish homeowners knew about home warranty?

There is so much to know about home warranty, but I’ll start by talking about the typical items covered in Magnolia Homes warranty!

Our warranty covers interior sheetrock that is due to natural settling. With a new construction home, your house is going to shift and settle over the year. As the seasons change, your home and the wood expand and extracts as it is made of natural products. The joists, the ceilings, the framing in the walls – this will all move and that causes cosmetic shifts, but they are purely cosmetic. For example, little cracks (joints opening up) in the molding. That’s why our homeowners are able to submit a list at the one-year mark after closing that we take care of! That way, your investment still maintains its polished look! We are proud to offer this service for our homeowners that others do not provide.

We also cover complimentary lawn weed treatment and fertilization for the entire first year with Andrews Turf & Tree Care!

Who is on the Magnolia Homes warranty team?

We have the best warranty team! It consists of Shannon Parker and Karen Garner who are the first responders on the Warranty Email. They monitor this constantly, including outside of office hours to address warranty requests as soon as possible. The other two key members are Matthew Barefoot and Hunter Dawson who are on the quality control side. One or both of these two are onsite to assess the original request and then to assure the service request has been completed accurately to meet MH standards.

What makes Magnolia Homes Warranty different?  

Structurally, our quality builders warranty starts on year 1 where other builders start on year 2 or 3!  Magnolia Homes purchases the additional coverage from QBW at no extra cost to our homeowners for due diligence to ensure that your investment is protected from the moment of closing. Learn more about the 10-year QBW warranty here!

Something else that makes Magnolia Homes different from other builders is the superior quality of the materials we use. Not only do we have excellent home warranty, but some of the products we use also have exceptional warranties. A few examples of this are:

Tyvek Home Wrap: You can trust you have a 10-year limited warranty on your Tyvek (think: if you have a leak caused by faulty Tyvek, you are covered not only for today but for the next 10 years!)

Pella Windows – 20-year Lifetime Limited Warranty on Encompass Series. These are energy efficient – Argon gas & advanced low-E glass to continue the easy exterior maintenance with no painting and no rotting! Nontransferable Limited Lifetime (not including labor after year 1) warranty on all non-glass components & Nontransferable 20 years Limited (not including labor after year 1) on glass. Pella® Architectural series includes aluminum clad frames and Low E glass with Argon gas. *Exterior windows never need painting. The Pella Window Architectural Series Limited Lifetime Warranty / 2-year warranty on labor for the original homeowner applies to Pella Wood Products purchased on or after February 10, 2017. Nontransferable Limited Lifetime (not including labor after year 2) for all non-glass components & Nontransferable Limited Lifetime (not including labor after year 2) on glass.

James Hardie is a no-rot (world’s most resilient siding) moisture & rot resistant. Insusceptible to pests. Warrant for James Hardie siding is 30-year and trim is 15-year.

Thermatru Doors: Limited Lifetime Warranty

HVAC unit warranties: 20-year for heat exchanger, 5-year for compressor, 5-year for thermostat, and 5-year for parts.

What does our warranty process look like?

The warranty process begins at the homeowners’ New Home Orientation with Ms. Karen or Shannon walking the homeowner through the items included in warranty in full detail.

As we approach the one-year mark after closing your home, the homeowner submits a list to the warranty team. Once a warranty item is submitted, the warranty team will either A) send directly to our vendor or subcontractor via email, or B) submit to our quality control team, Hunter and Matthew, if further details or physical inspection is needed. We typically begin the process within the same business day of receiving the list and continuously communicate with both the homeowners and our subcontractors until all jobs are completed or resolved, regardless of the timeline.

Any time after your closing, if you have questions or concerns about warranty, the best method is via email to our warranty department!

Additional Home Warranty information you would like to share?

I would like to add that you are making an investment with a Magnolia Home, and with that comes peace of mind that provides protection. Our home warranty is transferrable, so if you sell your home, there is no fee to transfer this to the next homeowner. We are there and able to assist in all the details – we pride ourselves in the quickness and efficiency of our warranty process! I also wanted to share that we have a lot of information on our Magnolia Difference page of the website that includes information on Energy Efficiency, Plumbing, and more!

We feel even more educated on home warranty after this conversation and are hopeful that you are too! Our Home Warranty and the way we treat our homeowners are just two of the reasons Magnolia Homes is considered a superior home builder in the Memphis area! Ready to make your move to a Magnolia Home? Call Kelsey today! 901-309-0710