Five Features to Add to Your Personalized Home

When you decide to custom-build a home, this is the time to add all of those features that you’ve been thinking about. If you’ve always wanted a home with a reading nook, walk-in pantry or spa-like shower, you’ll be much more satisfied if you prioritize that feature. Here are five of the top features to consider when designing your exclusive home.

1. Customized Closets

Maintain tidiness as soon as you move into your new home when you have custom closets. A walk-in closet in each bedroom facilitates organization and makes it easier to start your day. Consider custom closets with different heights of clothing rods for hanging skirts, pants, dresses, coats and shirts. Consider adjustable shelving for sweaters, T-shirts and accessories. Think about drawers or shelves for organizing neckties, jewelry, socks, undergarments and hats. Consider mirrors and a few countertops for arranging your accessories and toiletries.

2. Spa-Style Shower

A spa-like shower affords a relaxing end to a busy day. Imagine stepping into your beautifully tiled shower and allowing the warm water to release the tension in your muscles. Modern showers feature beautiful tile work that appeals to the visual senses. They also include fixtures that offer excellent water pressure. You could have a built-in seat or bench in your shower. If you’re thinking of aging in place, consider a walk-in or zero-entry shower that is handicap accessible.

3. Mud Room

Households that include children or pets benefit a great deal from a mudroom. This is the space where everyone enters the home when returning from work, errands or school. The mudroom should offer a space for each person’s coat, shoes, bag or backpack, keys and other accessories. A charging station or desk would make a great addition to the modern mudroom. Many people choose to install a laundry tub, dog shower or sink in their mudroom. If the dog got muddy feet while walking or the kids made a mess outdoors, they can clean up in the mudroom before entering the rest of the house.

4. Built-Ins

Built-ins keep your floor less cluttered. Built-in bookshelves are elegant and make it easy to display your favorite novels and stories. Built-in entertainment units accommodate all of your electronics and your new television. In the kitchen and laundry room, built-in shelving and drawers facilitate organization. A built-in dresser or set of shelves makes it easier for children to keep their clothing and toys tidy.

5. Specialized Lighting and Other Energy-efficient Features

The right lighting makes it easier to do different things in your home. At your new kitchen island, a pendant light makes it simple to prepare meals. In the dining room, an elegant chandelier illuminates your evening meal. Also consider energy-efficient features. Plan on double- or triple-pane windows, Energy Star-rated appliances and environmentally friendly insulation that will reduce your new home’s heating and cooling costs.