Employee Spotlight: Karen garner

Continuing in our Employee Spotlight Series! We have loved providing our readers with a little bit more information about our wonderful employees and how they are vital assets in our team. This month, we are honoring the very first employee of Magnolia Homes, Ms. Magnolia herself, Karen Garner!

Length of time at Magnolia Homes: I began Magnolia Homes 36 years ago on March 8th, 1987! I can still remember the excitement the day I closed my first 3 construction loans! I was ready to show the Memphis area what women really wanted to have in their new homes! More and larger closets in updated plans, more windows for natural light, more paint colors, wallpaper, upgraded cabinets and most of all “That Extra Touch!”

What is Your Favorite Part About Your Day-To-Day? Walking through each of our Magnolia homes and making sure every aspect of the home meets the high Magnolia standard! I also love making all of the selections for our available homes – it is such a fun process getting to use creativity and expertise to design these. My favorite part just might be seeing our homeowners faces light up during their Orientation of their New Magnolia Home!

Favorite Lunch Spot? I really enjoy SkyBox and Jim’s Grill. I like to support the local restaurants!

Go-to Coffee Order: My sweet husband makes me coffee every morning with Cashew Mild creamer and sweetener!  

What are your hobbies outside of work? I have four grandchildren, so I enjoy going to my grandson’s sporting events and taking my granddaughter shopping! My husband Steve and l love eating out with our families at local restaurants and at our home. I’d say my favorite hobby is traveling! I love taking family trips with my grandchildren and children to the  beach every year and to cities that have great restaurants and dining experiences. We always have fun exploring and shopping!

A Silly or Sweet Work Memory: I love when Reggie and I take our Magnolia Homes Team on work trips! The most exciting was the 45 minute walk up the World Famous Dunn’s River Waterfalls hand in hand in Jamaica supporting each other. It was an experience we talk about to this day!

Our last question: If you were stranded on a deserted island and you were able to choose one coworker to be stranded with, who would you choose and why? I’d say Reggie! He knows how to fish, hunt and cook and of course he can build us a Magnolia Home on the island!