Primary Bathroom Must-Haves!

When you think about your dream primary bathroom retreat, what do you envision? Is it a glorious soaking tub overlooking a scenic view? Might it include bright and calming color palettes that evoke peace and relaxation?  Would there be a sizable walk-in shower? Maybe there’s even a dedicated getting-ready space? Does it include a lavish walk-in closet that connects to the laundry room or might even include a washer and dryer in it?

With over 35 years in the home building industry, we have had plenty of time to accumulate a list of our primary bathroom “must-haves”! Our list continues to evolve as we see more and more grand and genius ideas, so narrowing down a list has been difficult! However, we have attempted to put together a list of some of our favorite primary bath features! Get ready to soak it all in!

At the tippity top of our must-have list is a soaking tub with a view! There’s nothing better than starting or ending the day with a bath, taking time to clear your mind and bathe in silence and serenity! This luxurious time becomes even better when you have a view overlooking beautiful scenery and wildlife, like these two homes!

Going hand and hand with a shower with a view is a gorgeous shower! If you’re anything like us, our showers are much more than our places to clean up after a long day. They’re where we have our best thoughts and where our singing voices sound the best! Naturally, we want the shower to have plenty of beautiful details for inspiration! Bright and light tile, geometric shapes throughout, and designs of the like are exactly what we would include in our inspirational shower spaces.

Now that we’re all cleaned up, the next “must-have” on our primary bathroom list is a great getting-ready space! A special spot for makeup, maybe even dedicated drawers for hair products and supplies, an island in the closet for laying out what to wear – we would add all of these in a heartbeat! If it feels like a quick trip to getting glammed up on a Hollywood movie set, we’ll take it!

Of course, a primary retreat would not be complete without a grand closet! The grand closet would be even more of a bonus if it was connected right to the laundry room. Shirt needs a quick fluff? Waiting for your leggings to warm from the dryer? Steaming a dress? How convenient that all of this is located within steps of your primary bathroom! A must-have indeed!

This is simply just brimming the surface of all the primary bathrooms we have loved over the years! If you had to create a list of your primary bathroom must-haves would it include these?!