When’s The Best Time to Buy a Home?

The question you’re asking, we’re asking, and everyone is asking: when’s the best time to buy a home? Our answer: NOW!

Quoting one of our very wise preferred lenders, Jennifer Michalski, “Date the Rate, Marry the Home!” Do not let the interest rate deter you from buying the home of your dreams. Now is the very best time to buy because you have more buying freedom. Once the interest rate continues to dip, as we’ve already seen, there will be less leisure and selection for the buyer as there will be additional competition. We’re also seeing lenders able to provide more customization in the products they’re offering! 

Some of these financing options include:

-Extended rate locks up to 12 months for new build homes

-Customizable jumbo loan options with minimum 10% down

-Bridge-type Loans – Potentially allowing you to pull equity from current home or investments to use for your new home

-Other customizable and curated options that best fit your needs!

Buying the home that fits your lifestyle now ends up saving your future-self time, energy, and even money! We’ve already seen some buyers take full advantage of the timing and get the very best deal in their ideal home! We are so happy for them.

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