What You Need to Know About Lighting

Lighting fixtures are among the most important decisions one can make in decorating a home.  There are so many choices, and the selections will help define the look and personality of the house. Karen views the fixtures as “jewelry” for the home, because like a great necklace or pair of earrings, lights can make a statement reflecting the style and personality of the homeowner. The plainest of rooms can make a bold statement or induce a subtle mood, depending on the lighting choices the owner makes.

It is important to remember that lighting fixtures do not have to be the same in every room, but they should flow throughout the house, even when varying between color finishes. One can mix the old and the new, provided that the choices do not seem random or capricious. Right now, Karen is loving the host of amazing “metallic hues” in Magnolia homes. The finish will help set the tone of the entire room. Remember that lighting will be seen from different angles, particularly in an open floor plan. Think about how the fixtures will look in relation to one another, whether walking from room to room or within the same line of sight.

Lighting can be subtle, or it can really pop! If you find a lighting fixture that you can’t live without, make it the focal point of the room. Layer the light sources so that there is primary and secondary lighting. Use a fabulous fixture to draw the eye into the room and use other sources to brighten or dim the room as needed. Right now, linear lights over a kitchen island are an excellent choice! These eye-catching fixtures become the focus of attention in the kitchen. As the first noticeable feature visible upon entering the room, a terrific linear light fixture will set the mood for the rest of the room

Trends can change from year to year. Updating a house can be a costly and time-consuming task. Changing the light fixtures, however, can be a fun, cost-effective means of bringing the whole house on trend. As your preferences change, light fixtures are a simple, fun way of updating the house to suit your current mood. You can splurge on statement fixtures that you love and supplement with more subtle, less expensive options to add to the versatility of the lighting. Unlike updates that require a lot of patience and tedious effort, changing your fixtures is fun! You can browse through look-books, shop online, check out your local shops, and enjoy the process of choosing the ambiance of your home.

Whether you are decorating a new home or updating your current home, lighting fixtures are among the most fun items to select. By choosing fabulous fixtures and establishing a flow throughout the house, you can improve the look and mood of the entire home.