What It’s Really Like Living in Rossville, TN

The small yet beautiful town of Rossville TN offers a lifestyle that was once the norm for the rest of the country. This small town is in the Fayette County with a population of around 700 which has doubled since 2000. Big cities are wonderful in their own way, but nothing can ever beat the fulfillment that comes from small towns. So, what is it really like living in Rossville you might ask, as it really is so much more than what meets the eye.

Since the population is not even in the thousands in Rossville, the level of community truly is like old times. Everyone knows everyone which makes conflict easier to solve, as everyone knows how to communicate with one another. The crime rate in turn is significantly lower than the vast majority of America; with the latest statistic update showing that it’s 74% lower overall than the country’s average of crimes. This basically means that for every 100,000 citizens, only 1.94 daily crimes will occur in this town. This fact makes it 62% safer than the rest of the cities.

Tennessee overall as a state is a wonderful place to retire, as living conditions are never too overbearing. If you are wise with your finances, you can have a quality life in Tennessee especially in Rossville.

Along with having low crime rates and affordable luxury homes for sale, Rossville TN is also a town that almost always has perfect weather. For the most part the sun is always out with weather throughout the averaging in the 60’s. However, like most southern states, Rossville does experience all 4 seasons. The Winters just happen to be very mild with snow occasionally appearing. For the most part the weather is always pleasant throughout the year with a beautiful Fall, Spring, Winter, and Summer season to enjoy.

The southern hospitality that is evident in most southern states is very much prevalent in Rossville. Everyone is always welcoming and putting in the effort to make each other feel welcomed. The old-fashioned mentality of being warm, sweet, and kindhearted to neighbors and visitors alike is what makes Rossville such a wonderful place to live in. On top of that, the schools nearby have fantastic curriculum for both Christian based and non-denominational families. There is a Christian academy in town along with public schools, both with educators that enforce high quality education to students. Overall, Rossville TN, is a great town to move into for all people who want to live in a truly laid-back atmosphere and relaxed pace.