Tips for Making Your Laundry Room Your Favorite Room

We can all agree that there is nothing more satisfying than having empty laundry hampers, stacks of clothes put away, your washer & dryer completely void, and knowing that you have a few days in between participating in the laundry ritual all over again!

Although it is common for family members to share the burden of this chore throughout the week or on a dedicated day, it is estimated that the average person spends roughly 5 hours of their week doing laundry, averaging about 20 hours a month. Wouldn’t it be so fulfilling if the sorting, washing, drying, and folding could be done in a space that you and your family adore?

While laundry may not be you or your family members’ favorite way to pass the time, here are some of Karen’s tips for designing a laundry room space that makes your least favorite chore a little more enjoyable!

Make This Room Fun

The most boring chore does not have to be done in the most boring room! Karen suggests making the laundry room one of the most fun rooms in your home. You can make it vibrant, light-hearted, and energetic. You can add in bold-colored cabinets or countertops, porcelain-stamped tile floors, eye-catching artwork, and even colored appliances! The rest of your home can maintain neutral tones, but by making your laundry room exciting, it may become your favorite space!


Another one of Karen’s tips for making your laundry room enjoyable is to make sure the space is functional! Create an organized area by adding in drawers, labeled-baskets, an ironing-board, and a hanging rack for drying. She also suggests adding in a utility sink and hidden trash can. If you know you’re going to need a lot of folding space, ensure you have plenty of countertop room or incorporate an island if the room is large enough. You can also add an additional fridge and a closet for extra storage space in this room!

Some people use the laundry room as a multi-purpose room. Adding in an island or more countertops create additional space for crafting and wrapping presents. Your laundry room can also be used as a space for your pets. You could even add in an additional shower space for your pup!


An important aspect to bring into your new favorite room is lighting. Whether that means incorporating natural lighting with windows or adding in a beautiful statement piece overhead, the brighter your laundry room is, the more you may find joy in the room. Karen even suggests adding in can lights in the ceiling and lights underneath your upper cabinets to ensure your countertops have plenty of brightness for folding at night.

Reflect Your Personality

At the end of the day, this is your laundry room so it should reflect your own personal design and lifestyle. If you love to watch TV while folding clothes, add in a television. If you know you love a nature view, when building your home, ensure the laundry room overlooks the backyard or bring fresh-cut flowers into the room each week. If you know you don’t want to tote laundry from across the house, incorporate your laundry room to be near your bedroom in the layout of your home. You could even have a laundry chute installed from upstairs for your children and family members to deliver their clothes and towels. You have the freedom to make this room as unique to your lifestyle as you desire it to be!