The Legendary Karen Garner Walk-through

When she walks into a new home, heads turn. They follow her every move. And when something catches her eye, they are all riveted to that spot.

She is Karen Garner, founder of Magnolia Homes, and she handles the new home inspection with the critical eye that has made her walk-throughs legendary. Karen’s process can take up to three days as she carefully examines every nook and cranny of the new homes her crew has built, prior to signing off for the owner to move in. Karen looks at every inch of sheetrock and will call in a painter to fix even a tiny nick.

When asked why she spends all this time inspecting every residence built by Magnolia Homes, Karen said, “Because when our homeowners move in, I want their experience to be perfect.”

At Magnolia Homes, we warranty every home for the first year. We do every bit of warranty work ourselves. When the construction is complete, we don’t just do a cursory walk-through with a 30-day punch list because that only covers the types of things that anyone can see. It doesn’t take into account that a new home is more than the freshly painted walls and brand new floors. We see it as every last detail, like the wiring and plumbing. Even though we do walk-throughs during construction, to check the details, we don’t ease up at the end.

So, on a Legendary Karen Garner Walk-through, she will open every cabinet and inspect every fixture in the home. She’ll check the moldings, the seals on the windows, the way the doors close, and the way the attic insulation has been applied. She’ll look at all the notes and make sure that doors are opening in the way the owner requested. A building inspector couldn’t be more thorough than our own Karen Garner!

“If a homeowner finds something wrong, they start to wonder what else the builder missed. We don’t want them to have those doubts,” Karen said.

Karen knows that by getting it right the first time, we minimize disappointments from our homeowners. That’s why we take such care in screening and choosing our crew. They know that our standards are unflinching and what it takes to meet our expectations.

Many of our homeowners have heard about the Legendary Karen Garner Walk-through and are excited when the time comes. Not only does it mean that they will be moving into their new home very soon, but they know that Karen has made sure their experience will be “perfect”.