Talk About Making an Entrance!


We all know that first impressions are pretty important, especially when it comes to your home! One design feature we hold close to our hearts are entryways! Our goal is to create the perfect welcoming space that creates a lasting impression.

Whether you’re looking for a show-stopping entrance for your guests to stare at in amazement, or just to create an entrance that is warm and inviting for you to come home to each day, here are a few ways to create a memorable entryway!

Bomb Lighting

Can’t steal the show without show-stopping lighting! A bold fixture in your entryway really sets the tone for the remainder of the home and provides a great opportunity to show off your style and personality! Additionally, utilizing the natural lighting in your entry way can elevate the space.


Grandiose Dedicated Entry 

If a memorable entrance is what you’re looking for, a memorable entrance is what you will get in this gorgeous home! A dedicated, formal entry space lined with blue ice stone and gorgeous trim work on the walls make this entry way awe-worthy!!

Warm, Welcoming Tones

Not only do you want to feel like your home is a safe and calming place, but you also want your guests to feel comfortable and welcomed as they walk into your home! One way to do so is to use warm tones in your design selections for your entryway. Warm neutrals in your hardwood and paint colors working in harmony with your interior décor can set the entire ambiance of your home to be cozy and inviting as soon as you walk through the door!


Fun Entry Flooring

Get creative with your entry flooring! When designing your home, incorporating a fun pattern or different material for your entry floor is a great way to break up your entrance from the remainder of your home! With these two homes, one used the same material hardwood, but opted for a fun pattern dedicated for the entrance, while the other utilized a stone-lined entry way instead! Both are elegant and unique!


 Statement Stairways

A statement stairway to steal the entry way show! We’re obsessed with this entrance and the way the floor plan was created to use every-day features of the home to make an instant impact. The first thing you and your guests see when you enter into your home is a “wow” factor!


Have you fallen in love with one of these entryways?! We want them all! Each and every entrance is unique to its home and the wonderful homeowners who live in them! Whether you prefer a warm and cozy entrance or a stately stairway to welcome your guests, we’ve got a variety of fantastic floor plans that will make lasting impressions for you and your guests for years to come! Contact Us today to get started!