Preparing Your Home for Fall

How has summer come and gone already?! Feels like yesterday we were just getting started on indulging in all the things that make summer so sweet! However, we sure are excited for Fall and all of the fun that comes along with it! As we transition into the season of football games, cooler nights, sweater weather, and delicious treats, we want to make sure you have your Magnolia home prepared! Here’s a checklist of all the items to consider to keep your home as ready for fall as you are!

get your furnace cleaned or serviced

The fall is the perfect time to get your furnace cleaned or serviced! By doing so, ducts that have collected miscellaneous debris over the year will be cleared out. This keeps your home safe, while also avoiding furnace breakdown.

get your chimney swept & inspected

There’s just something about warming up next to your fireplace on a chilly night! Before getting to indulge into this blissful Fall experience, don’t forget to get your chimney professionally swept and inspected!

seal any cracks in windows and doors

As we shift in temperature, now would be the perfect time to seal any cracks in your windows or doors. Replace the weatherstripping if needed. The best way to prevent any unwanted heat escaping or cold air getting in is to do a thorough check of all! 

fertilize your lawn after the last mow of the season

If you’re anything like us, you might be looking forward to putting away the lawn mower for the next few months! Before doing so, remember to fertilize your lawn right after your last mow of summer. This will help make your grass greener for the Spring!


There might be a bit of time before we see truly cold temperatures here in Memphis! However, in preparation, go ahead and winterize your waterspouts, sprinkler systems, and hoses. This will eliminate any unwanted damage to these materials over the colder months!

clear gutter of any debris

Gutter cleaning might not be your most beloved seasonal chore, but it sure is an important one! Especially for the fall season, cleaning out your gutters keeps rainwater moving and not collecting inside your home. Also, moist foliage from trees around your home could cause your gutters to become heavy and unsafe for your home.

By taking extra care of your home before the temperatures drop, you will be set up to sit back, relax, and relish in all of the enjoyment this season brings!