Magnolia Mortgage Moments

We’re introducing a fun and informative segment here at Magnolia Homes that we’re calling Mortgage Moments! We have the absolute privilege to have the best team of preferred lenders that we recommend to our Magnolia Home buyers. Each of these lenders has a wealth of knowledge, are excellent communicators, and are so intentional with their clients. We decided they each needed a spotlight on who they are, the products they offer, and why they could be the best fit lender for you! We will be featuring these videos throughout our YouTube, Vimeo, and Social Media Platforms, but wanted to share some of what you can expect in the videos!

Each of these lenders prides themselves on being able to be flexible and creative in helping to find the perfect loan for you in achieving your homebuying goals! Between the six of these Loan Officers, they reference a variety of options offered, including a Builder Program, extended lock program, rate buydowns,bank statement programs, JUMBO products, relationship loans, bridge loans, portfolio products, and more!

Each lender will share their expertise and talk about their longevity in the business. “This is such an asset to help you without a lot of bumps along the way!”, Charlie Land from Pinnacle Bank explains. Jake Scott, from Eagle Bank Mortgage adds with a laugh, “I’ve been doing this for a while, I’ve seen it all. Nothing I haven’t seen, nothing I won’t see again. This is the most exciting time of your life! Let’s not panic. I’ll get you from Point A to Point B with the least amount of hassle.” Each takes a moment to highlight what sets them apart from others. For example, Jeremy Holliday from Community Mortgage credits his efficient team for their ability to have a short loan process. “I have an amazing team behind me who has decades of experience, so my average loan time is 19 days”, Jeremy Holliday.

In the mortgage moments videos, you will hear each of their unique perspectives on where rates are going. For example, Todd Brown from MIG is heard saying, “We know for 100% certain that rates are going to go up, down, or stay the same.”

Each lender also provides their expert opinion on when the right time to buy is! It’s important for those who are on the fence right now or waiting to time the market just right, to know that when the time comes, there can be more competition in the market. So, waiting could cause it to be more challenging to find the home they want. We can always refinance when interest rates improve.

“Date the rate, marry the home! We will see a refinance surge; volume will continue to increase. We do have options down the road where we can refinance. You have more buying freedom now”, Jennifer Michalski from Regions Mortgage says.

“Buy now, refinance later rather than waiting and seeing the home sale go up. Your mortgage could be more than where it could be instead of going this strategic route”, Jeremy Holliday from Community Bank explains.

Not only are our lenders creative and intelligent, but also intentional. For example, MIG offers to send you pizza and have it delivered to your home after you move in! “When you’re eyes deep in moving boxes and you can’t even find a fork, we send you a meal. It’s one less thing our clients have to worry about.” – Morgan Sims, MIG.

We have more than just professional connections with these lenders, but also personal relationships because of our longevity of time and trustworthiness developed with them. Even our employees at Magnolia Homes use these same lenders on our own personal homes! They are simply the best and we are all so grateful for them!

Interested in working with any of these for building your Magnolia Home?! We’d love to introduce you! Let’s get started today!