Lender Spotlight: Jake Scott with Eagle Bank Mortgage

Part three of our Lender Spotlight mini-series is brought to you by our dear Jake Scott at Eagle Bank Mortgage! Jake is an invaluable asset to our team, and we are grateful for the many years of expert knowledge for our homeowners!

Here’s a little more about Jake:
Jake Scott has been in the mortgage business for 37 years, so he has seen everything and experienced so much more than the average loan officer! He tries his hardest to offer that expertise to his clients. He often mentions that like us being a customized builder, he tries to make his clients feel like they are getting a “custom” loan by being available to answer questions and be there throughout the entire experience, from contract to closing date! He knows the loan process can be invasive and overwhelming, so he does an amazing job of gather enough information to get the borrower approved, but not in a way that causes any extra grief! Thanks, Jake!

Jake mentions the Eagle Mortgage staff is full of fantastic appraisers, so the worry of that process is eliminated. Eagle Mortgage offers the same products as other lenders and is very competitive on the rate for those products! They work hard alongside the homeowners to ensure the closing costs are competitive, as well. Jake is proud to say his goal on every loan is to have his client tell him that the loan experience was much easier than they expected! That is extremely impressive!

We are so grateful for you, Jake, and all the hard work you do day-in and day-out for our Magnolia Homeowners! Here is Jake’s contact information: