Karen’s Top 5 Home Design Trends She is Seeing Right Now

Wondering what is new in the world of home design? Then read on for Karen’s Top 5 Design Trends. Learn about the four most current trends in the home décor industry and see how you can improve your home!


Transitional Styles

A trending buzz word in the home design industry is “transitional” to describe the industry’s shift from more traditional styles of furniture and finishes toward one in which styles are combined to create stunning and innovative results. Traditional, contemporary and farmhouse styles, for example, are creatively integrated offering a unique and alluring result. While Memphis is best known as a more traditional city with homes generally reflecting a more traditional style, this new “transitional” approach to home décor is also taking hold in the city.

Neutral Wall Colors

Wall colors are trending toward more neutral, warmer tones in contrast with louder, more vibrant colors of the past. For example, gray hues are getting lighter while bolder tones serve as accent colors, such as in the dining room or master bedroom. They may also be used on specific features, such as doors, windowpanes or cabinets.

Barn Doors

Barn doors remain a popular choice in home décor as they serve as great space savers and add a farmhouse flair to you home. Although they are not a new trend in the industry, these doors paired with a “pop” of color gives them a new, trendy appearance. Envision a kitchen with a soft, gray hue complemented by a bold barn door or even a dark stained wood to compliment your neutral accents!

Gold Finishes

Additionally, a new brushed gold finish has been added to the choice of finishes for lighting fixtures. While matte black and brushed nickel finishes remain the most popular choices for lighting finishes in most homes, the brushed gold finish is taking home design by storm. Still, despite brushed gold’s prospective role as a forerunner in lighting finishes for many homeowners, chrome finish remains a more popular choice among those with contemporary home designs. Of course, there is no need to decide on just one of these fantastic finishes, as the artistic mixture of these different finishes also yield fabulous results and further illustrates the idea of “transitional” home design.

Glass Cabinet Doors

Finally, etched glass cabinet doors are making an impression in kitchens with an array of intricate designs that add an elegant touch to any home. So, if your home is in need of some renovations or you are just looking for some minor enhancements at an affordable cost, consider the implementation of a “transitional” look to include a change in wall colors to soft, neutral tones with a bold accent color atop a set of barn doors in a kitchen with intricately designed cabinets and trending brushed gold light fixtures in some areas. Be a trend setter!