How to Use the Build Your 3D Home Tool for Inspiration

Looking at the floor plan of a home gives you some sense of how the layout works, but designing in three dimensions gives you a more realistic experience of how spaces flow, how features look and which colors work well in which rooms. At Magnolia Homes, we have created a design tool for you to build your home in three dimensions. Our Build Your 3D Home tool is free for you to use at any time.


About Our Build Your 3D Home Tool

Our Build Your 3D Home tool allows you to set up different floor plans and room layouts. You can create a couple of rooms or a whole house. Save your favorites so that you can discuss them with our home design professionals. You can start over and try different things as many times as you would like. We have included options for all of the features that we build in our customized homes.


How to Use Build Your 3D Home

Getting started with our Build Your 3D Home tool is easy. You don’t have to download anything or install any apps on your device. You pick the type of home, such as a single-story or two-story structure. You then choose the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and the size of the garage. From there, you can choose the layout and begin adding features. You can customize just one room or spend an afternoon daydreaming and planning your future space.


Benefits of the Build Your 3D Home Tool

If you have never built a home before, our tool allows you to see how things fit together. You’ll get a feel for what types of features would work the best for your lifestyle. It also gives you the chance to change options before making a commitment. Experiment with a first-floor master bedroom versus a second-floor one. See if twin walk-in closets would suit your master suite best. Try adding a three-sided fireplace and see if that turns your idea of a cozy dining room into just what you have been wanting. Experiment with different flooring, window shapes and sizes, and see how you want your finished space to look. Using our design tool can make your exclusive building process go as smoothly as possible.


Get Started Today

We invite you to try out the Build Your 3D Home interface on our website today. Check out the different configurations, floor plans, sizes and styles of homes. Add features, pick flooring and other options, then take a 360-degree tour of the space you’ve just created. If you have any questions about the tool or would like more information about building a customized home in one of our communities, contact us for more information.