How to Buy a Home Without Seeing Your Home First

How to Buy a Home Without Seeing Your Home First

Can you buy a home without ever seeing it first?! Of course, you can! With limitations on traveling, time restraints, and comfort preferences, we’ve seen a shift in the home buying experience! In 2021, we saw a surplus of new homeowners that had never visited their home site, let alone the city of Memphis!

At Magnolia Homes, we’ve adapted and utilized a variety of tools that embrace the long-distance home buying and designing processes. Our desire is for each of our homeowners, including those already located locally, to feel that their home exceeds their expectations and fits perfectly with their standards of comfort. Our goal is to empower you to embark on this journey feeling confident in what you are building and who you are building with. Here’s how we accomplish that:

3D Website
We have a fantastic tool that is available for everyone – a 3D home building tool through ANewGo. When you build your 3D home, you have the ability to see our available floor plan options and customize to your liking so you can truly visualize what your home can look like. Whether that is adding a half bathroom, experimenting with different exterior selection palettes, or adding in built-in shelves, you can see what your home can look like! You even have the option to download a brochure of your constructed home for you to share with your family and even your sales agent! This tool has been instrumental in helping our long-distance buyer envision what their dream home can become!

Variety of Floor Plans
With six communities each offering a variety of unique and well-planned floor plans, our prospective homeowners have the ability to truly find the home that best suits the life they’ve envisioned! Each of these floor plans provide alternate elevation and amenity options to add or remove from your home as well! We have these easily accessible on our website for you to see what features are included with each gorgeous base plan.

Abundance of Video & Photo
With the help of our amazing homeowners and their impeccable taste in design elements, no home we build is the same! Our  content team has been able to capture nearly every floor plan we offer in videos and/or images for you to truly envision the space. With our video library and photo gallery, prospective buyers can become inspired into what their own home has the possibility of becoming. Along with an abundance of digital media, we are also very active on social media platforms for our homeowners to see real time updated and inspirations!

Zoom and FaceTime
With the help of trusty technology such as Zoom and FaceTime, we are able to make our buyers comfortable knowing the team and seeing them on the other end! We do our long-distance appointments through both platforms – whether it is answering contract questions, touring model homes and available homes, design appointments, pre-construction meetings or electrical walks. The ability to talk to our homeowners quickly and efficiently has been very helpful throughout the entirety of the process!

Design Appointment Tools
Once you are ready to take the step in #MovingwithMagnolia, we provide a variety of digital tools for you and your family to review previous to your design appointments! These assets include Design Guides, model home images and selections, a majority of our selections offered in the Design Center, interior and exterior selection guides, LightRoom galleries, and more! With these helpful tools, our homeowners can know in advance what they prefer and lean towards in their color and design palette!

Educated Employees
Last but not lease, our educated and experienced team is an integral part in making our homeowners feel truly confident in their decisions! They have been so helpful, adaptable, and eager to assist our homeowners whether they are 5 feet in front of them or 5,000 miles away! Our new home specialists, builders, design specialist, and design team ensure they’re providing honest feedback and timely responses to help our new home construction process flow as easy as possible!

Are you moving to the Memphis area and wanting not only to find the perfect home for your family, but also have a seamless and efficient home-building process?! Call Kelsey today to get started or submit an interest form! We will gladly help you and cannot wait to welcome you to the Magnolia Homes Family!