Home Design Trends for 2023 

Home Design Trends for 2023 

Welcome to the second part of our home design trends for 2023! Part one of this blog series was released a few weeks ago that specifically talks about interior colors – a design detail we knew needed a whole post of its own (Read more about that here)! Today, we are focusing on the home design elements that we expect to see in 2023.


Kicking off this post discussing cabinetry! As you read in our previous blog post, cabinet colors for 2023 are going to be fun! We are seeing more and more use of the natural wood in the kitchen and primary bathrooms, along with nature-inspired colors such as greens and teals used throughout the home. Two-toned cabinets (a different color for your uppers and bottom cabinets) have shifted from just being seen in the scullery to now being more prominent in the entire kitchen. Pantries, sculleries, and butler pantries continue to become more and more luxurious with bold colors, fun custom details, and gorgeous glass used to display dishes and glassware.

Elevated Entertaining Spaces 

Coming off the pandemic, we have seen people shift to spending more time at home. With that, there has become a direct correlation with an increase in creating elevated entertaining spaces within their homes, from dining rooms to home bars to media rooms and outdoor living rooms! We are seeing during the design phase that homeowners have placed even more importance and allocated more of their budget into elevating these spaces. For example, instead of having the dining room painted the same color as the remainder of the home, homeowners are branching out to use a contrasting or bold color to dramatize this room! Additionally, dining rooms have been transformed all together into sitting rooms and studies for homeowners to use for entertaining.

NanaWalls & Pella Sliding Doors from Family Room to Outdoor Living

As mentioned in the elevated entertaining spaces, the outdoor living area has become one of the most “lived-in” places for homeowners. The ability to move inside and out of the home, especially when hosting and entertaining, has become even easier with NanaWalls and Pella Sliding Windows from the family room to the outdoor living area. Additionally, the desire to have an outdoor fireplace has transformed from a “want” to a “must have” in recent years to truly make this space an extension of the home. 

Enhancing White Walls 

Another design element we expect to see expanded upon in 2023 is implementing patterns and textures throughout the blank walls in the home! We have seen this so far in a few ways that we are obsessed with: adding wallpaper to a half bathroom, adding a brick backsplash in the kitchen or brick statement wall in the family room, adding shadow boxes, trim work, or nickel-gap planking, or by using color throughout the wall colors! We are so excited to see how creative homeowners will become with utilizing blank wall space next year!  

Tile Trends 

Bold colors aren’t just staying on wall paint colors! Bold and exciting tile is making its debut into the home design scene. Bright colors, moody colors, fun geometric shapes, dramatic veining, vertical lines: we expect to see all of these and more on the tile scene in the new year. Keeping in-line with the paint color trends in 2023, we are expecting to also see more nature-inspired, specifically green, tile incorporated in a tasteful way as well.

If big and bold tile isn’t your thing, find comfort in knowing that serene and calming tile palettes are going nowhere any time soon! We expect to continue seeing neutral, clean, and bright tile in primary and secondary bathrooms, providing the essence of a day at the spa. 

Laundry Rooms and Primary Closets 

The ease of taking your dirty clothes right to the laundry and your clean clothes right to your closet: a homeowner’s dream! When designing the layout of the home, we have seen more homeowners request a way for their primary closet to connect or be as close as possible to the laundry room! Some even have pocket doors connecting the two rooms. Genius! Want a place to store your jewelry but also have a space to fold your clothes? Islands in closets are such an enjoyable way to utilize even more space in your primary closet! 

Laundry rooms and closets have also become more and more creative and colorful in design palette. For some homeowners, they might be a little nervous in implementing bold colors in the guest-facing portions of their homes, but still desire to have fun by using exciting colors, carpet, tile, and cabinetry in their laundry rooms and closets.

With that, we have a wrap on all of the design elements we expect to see in 2023. We are always excited to see fresh and new ideas, while implementing timeless and classic details throughout our homes! These are just a few examples, and cannot wait to see how these expand even more!