Have You Tried UTour?

Have you tried the UTour Platform, yet?! UTour is an incredibly simple tool that helps you to self-tour completed inventory homes! Interested in touring a home, but struggling with scheduling conflicts? UTour offers you the ability to tour these homes on your very own schedule without the need for a new home specialist to be present.

The way this tool works is simple! You can activate the tour in two ways. You can show up to our available inventory homes that are active with the UTour Platform (currently, we have this on 894 Cypress Vine Cove in Collierville!). Once there, you will see a sign outside the home with a QR code. Scan this with your phone and follow the simple instructions to activate your tour! The other way to schedule a tour is by following the UTour link for the specific home you want to tour from where you currently are and schedule your tour in advance for the time frame that best suites you.

You will need to verify your identification with a government-issued photo ID and a debit or credit card. After accepting to the terms and conditions, you will receive an automated text message with the code to unlock the door to potentially your very own home. Enter this code into the smart lock and enjoy! Once in the home, you will have 30 minutes to tour it on your own. You will receive a reminder that your tour is ending and will need to exit before the 30 minutes is up.

This incredible tool has been a huge asset in the home-shopping world! We’ve had some of our very own homeowners become homeowners after their own personal UTour. Take some time today to try it out for yourself!