Go Green and Go Home – Magnolia Homes Are Energy Efficient

You may have heard about the importance of reducing your carbon footprint. You may understand that when a home is built with more energy efficiency you will have lower utility bills and maintenance costs. But how can you tell if a home is built with green technologies? The truth is, it’s pretty difficult because most of these things are not seen in the pretty finish details, but are built into the design and construction of your home.

If you’re looking for an energy efficient home in the greater Memphis area then you’ll want to know about these 6 green technologies you won’t see, but you’ll benefit from in a Magnolia Home.

  1. It’s a Wrap with Tyvek – We use Tyvek House wrap. This means the entire house is wrapped to water proof your home. This includes joints and windows. By creating a moisture barrier, you are protecting your insulation from moisture build-up that can result in reduced energy efficiency with issues like mold and mildew. Not all house wraps are created equally. Each of our Tyvek wrapped homes are inspected directly by Tyvek and have a 10-year warranty directly from Tyvek.
  2. We Use Radiant Barriers – What this means is we install a radiant barrier that is already applied to the back of roof decking which lowers the attic temperatures by 20-30 degrees. The old way of thinking was to install attic fans in order to cool the attic and reduce heat loss through the roof. With recent developments we’ve learned that this is not the case. To better understand how radiant barriers work, take a look at this video on radiant barriers.
  3. Ridge Venting is Energy Efficient and Roof Friendly – Ridge vents run the length of your roof and act as an important part of your home’s entire roofing system. Not only does it vent damp warm air from your attic space to increase the energy efficiency of your home, it also prolongs the life of your roof. If you’d like to learn more about ridge venting here is a great explanation.
  4. Highest R Value Insulation – When we build your home we use the highest R Value of insulation in the walls and ceilings that framing will allow. R Value is the insulation’s resistance to heat flow. The higher the R value the more powerful the home insulation, and the lower your heating and cooling bills.
  5. We Use Foam Flash Coating – Not only do we go above and beyond with our insulation, we also implement a ½ inch spray foam insulation layer that fills in all the holes and gaps as it coats the sheathing between studs before the batt insulation is installed. This increases the R value of the insulation in your home.
  6. Other Technology – From Energy Star appliances, to Argon gas inside Low-E Pella™ windows that reduces the outside air temperature transferring inside the home, we use the best materials to insure you receive maximum efficiency with your home. We strive to find the very best in materials when constructing your home.


This just scratches the surface on the energy efficiency techniques we employ to reduce your spending and make your home an eco-friendlier place both for your energy bills, and for the planet. We are proud to be an Energy Star Partner.

To get started on building your own energy efficient Magnolia Home, call Taylor at (901) 309-0710!