Featured Vendor: Inspired Closets

A well-organized closet makes it easy to care for your clothes, find the items you need and can even streamline your laundry process. A well-designed closet is the best tool to make organizing easy. If you’re ready to create a close that makes it easy to manage your wardrobe, we can help.

Our Process

The first step we take is to find out exactly how your closet needs to work. This will include reviewing your current set up and figuring out what is and isn’t working. Once we’ve met with you, discussed your current space and found out what could be better, we can put together a design that will work with your current garment load and your closet goals.


Start Your Day Off Right

You deserve a great start to your day. This will likely mean a refreshing shower, excellent coffee and a closet that makes dressing for your day an easy process. It’s important for us to understand how you dress for your workday. For those who generally wear paired suits, the hanging requirements should include spaces for pieces to hang together. If your professional wardrobe allows for separates, you may prefer to keep tops in one area, slacks or skirts in another spot and jackets in their own compartment. Accessories will also have a special spot so you can make selections on jewelry, scarves, shoes, and hats to create a look that suits your mood and your tasks for the day.

More Than Just Closets

Once your closet design is complete, it’s time to talk to Inspired Closets about the rest of your home. From laundry rooms that make this chore as simple as possible to pantries that allow you to stock up when your time is bountiful and prices are great, Inspired Closets can help you put together the organizational tools to keep your home humming with a minimum of disruption.


Clutter, Chaos or Capture: Your Choice

One of the challenges to limited closet space or an organizational system that isn’t working is that the pieces you love and need to get to can’t be found and the items you don’t really use any more are front and center. With careful attention to detail as you move your belongings back into your new Inspired Closet, consider a decluttering or discarding day. Why not move only what you absolutely love back into your new closet? You now have the option to face every day with precisely the pieces that help you feel great. They’re carefully organized, look great and are ready for you to wear. Enjoy your new closet!