Featured Vendor: General Shale Brick

As a home builder, Magnolia Homes takes great pride in the fine custom residential properties we construct for our clients. We benefit enormously from the services and products supplied by our key suppliers. Since 2002, we’ve enjoyed the privilege of working closely with General Shale Brick. Under the guidance of its CEO, Charles Smith, General Shale offers superb brick, stone, and concrete block products throughout North America. This brief article showcases some of the contributions this important Magnolia Homes vendor makes to our signature homes.


Crafting Lovely Brick Exteriors

Magnolia Homes works closely with clients to design well-built, comfortable homes. Our design team benefits from the excellent construction materials available through General Shale Brick. From impressive masonry to full bed stone to thin rock Adair limestone sheets, this vendor furnishes in-demand products for creating truly spectacular residential exteriors, porches, and breezeways in Tennessee and outlying areas.

Consider spending a little time learning about these products on the firm’s website at https://generalshale.com/. Stone or brick facades lend an imposing aura of permanence and solidity to homes across this region. Perusing the information available from General Shale Brick often helps home buyers weigh the use of one type of material versus another. Explore the advantages of using specific types of brick or stone, for instance. Magnolia Homes typically constructs plans approved by its clients. We’ll use the high-grade components you request to help transform your vision for your next dwelling into a delightful reality!


Celebrate Gracious Outdoor Living Areas

Another feature we often obtain with the assistance of General Shale Brick ultimately adds thousands of dollars to the property value of some homes.  With the assistance of trusted vendors, we enjoy the capability to add barbecue pits, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, pavers, and retaining walls. These amenities hold wide appeal in Tennessee today. Numerous households appreciate the convenience of casual outdoor entertaining.

Indeed, adding a luxurious patio to a custom home provides an appealing way to tailor the property to fit the needs of growing households. Magnolia Homes works closely with our vendors and our clients to construct eye-catching customized homes. We appreciate the variety of fashionable available outdoor living products supplied by General Shale Brick.


Superb Neighborhood Entrances

Of course, General Shale Brick also assists us by furnishing essential products for the creation of stunning community entrances. We believe the entrance to a development should enhance (and not detract) from the presentation of the neighborhood. Obtaining premium stone and brick products plays a crucial role in accomplishing this goal.


Magnolia Homes enjoys wonderful materials selections whenever we utilize General Shale Brick’s catalog. Ultimately, our homeowners appreciate the beauty of the attractively landscaped entrances to our residential communities. We acknowledge the assistance we’ve obtained from General Shale Brick in designing stylish community entrances. These locations reflect well on both our firm and our clients.