Featured Vendor: Cordova Heating and Air

Cordova Heating and Air Conditioning has been proudly serving the people who reside in Cordova, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas since 1983. They are highly proficient in repairing, replacing and installing HVAC units. They also work their hardest to ensure our client’s heating and cooling issues are resolved. In fact, They strive for nothing more than perfection when it comes to repairing heating and cooling systems.

Here’s an in-depth look at the services they provide.

Heating Services

One of their main specialties lies in their heating services. Their fully licensed and insured technicians are able to repair or replace any heating system such as heat pumps and furnaces. Furthermore, They’re also able to perform high-quality maintenance. If you feel that your heating system isn’t working like it should, don’t hesitate to give them a call. Their goal is to ensure you are able to enjoy the warmth and comfort of your heating system without having to worry about repairs.


Cooling Services

Cordova Heating and Air Conditioning wants to provide clients with a variety of services aside from just heating. This is why they also offer air conditioning services. Summer is here, which means it’s time to crank up the AC.

Unfortunately, some people find out the hard way that their AC isn’t working the way it should. In most cases, people hear loud, strange noises coming from it or they see that it’s leaking. Whatever the issue is, this is where they come in. Give them a call and they’ll send one of their highly trained professionals right away.

Their professionals will assess the damages, make note of what’s wrong, prepare to repair or replace the unit and ensure it’s working properly through maintenance. If your heating or cooling unit is beyond repair or too old, they’ll have to replace the unit. Don’t worry, though. They are able to select the right-size unit for your budget. Regardless of the course of action that needs to be taken, they’ll make sure the air quality in your home is safe and healthy.


Contact Cordova Heating and Air Today

Whether you require heating or cooling services, Cordova Heating and Air Conditioning will get the job done. Their sole aim is to provide clients with quality HVAC service. If your heating system or air conditioner isn’t doing its job, they’ll make sure it does. Contact Cordova Heating and Air Conditioning at 901-755-6390 to schedule an appointment or for more information today.