Featured Vendor: Builders’ Floors and Interiors

When two great home design companies work together they create amazing interiors. This is the case when it comes to Magnolia Homes and Builders’ Floors and Interiors, both in Tennessee. Magnolia Homes in Memphis has been helping people build their dream homes since 1987, and have provided award-winning service all these years. Magnolia Homes’ dedication to customer satisfaction has made the company a preferred choice when it comes to custom homes in the area.

Builders’ Floors and Interiors was founded in 1997 and is also a leader in its field. They have a huge inventory of floor coverings, tiles, and window treatments. The company is also service-focused and always available for consultations when it comes to helping their customers with interior design. It’s not surprising that Magnolia Homes and Builders’ Floors and Interiors would work so well together since they share the same philosophy of always putting the customer first.

The two industry giants have worked on many projects together to bring their mutual client’s unique design dreams to life. A large part of the appeal of building a custom home is that homeowners can start with a clean slate to work from. Imagine being able to start with a totally unfurnished home, where you get to pick flooring, window treatments, colors, and textures. That’s what new home buyers get when they build a custom home with Magnolia Homes.

Builders’ Floors and Interiors works with the new homeowners to help decorate and put the final touches on the interior, adding their own originality and styling to make a house a home. One of the many great qualities of Builders’ Floors and Interiors is that the company has such a wide variety of high-quality products, all under one roof. They only carry the best brands because anything less wouldn’t do for their customers.

Both companies have highly trained staff who are available to assist customers with their design process. Whether it’s picking out a floor plan or a wall color, each team is always happy to provide assistance. Clients who need help with color coordination or an overall design plan are always welcome at Builders’ Floors and Interiors. Their inventory of carpets, tile, hardwood, and blinds can be matched with any color scheme for every room in the house.

When you work with Magnolia Homes and Builders’ Floors and Interiors you can’t go wrong. Your new custom home will be a showcase that you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and neighbors every day.