Exterior Designs We Love

Exterior Designs We Love!

Talk about curb appeal! Here at Magnolia Homes, we work hard to make sure our homes are just as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. Intentionally crafted with timeless designs and functional features, each of the homes we build are carefully created with our homeowners in mind. Over the years, we’ve built homes with a variety of different elevations, however, there are a few exterior designs that we’ve fallen in love with!


Front Porch with Symmetry

Something about a sizable front porch with luxurious French Doors and architectural windows just makes these home feel so inviting! Like taking a trip down to the Louisiana countryside, the front porch of these homes seems like the perfect spot to sit and relax with your family and friends.


Statement First Impression  

Nothing welcomes your guests and shows the attention to detail in the exterior of your home quite like a fantastic first impression at your front door! Whether that includes gorgeous, elongated, brick steps or elegant blue ice stone, these exteriors are perfectly textured to greet you and your guests!


Cozy Cottages with Double Garages

How precious are these cozy cottages?! We loved designing each of the exteriors of these homes! With a mix of different materials and vibrant colors on the exterior, the elevation captivates our hearts. The separation of the double garage and the cedar corbels create an especially charming look.

Porte Co-Chere

Of course, we cannot end without talking about one of our favorite exterior features – the porte co-chere! The porte co-chere not only adds additional space to the home, but also create a look of pure elegance and opulence. These elevations form a dramatic wow-factor that our homeowners are continuously proud to call their own each and every time they drive up!

So much to love in these fantastic exteriors! Classic designs that are meant to be loved for a lifetime. Are you ready to build a home that you’re proud of showing off, from the outside in?! View more of our exteriors gallery or contact us today on details to build the home of your dreams!