Employee Spotlight: Sandra Johnson

March has made it’s debut, and there’s so much excitement on the horizon! With this new month brings new fun in the form of an Employee Spotlight of our dearest Sandra Johnson! Here’s more about her:

What is your role?

I am the Quality Control Specialist!

How long have you been at magnolia homes?

I will have to honor of celebrating 11 years with Magnolia Homes in April 2024. 

What is your Favorite Part About your day-to-day?

I enjoy watching the beautiful homes come together at the end of construction. 

What is your Favorite Lunch Spot?

I usually bring my lunch and eat at a local park. But I do love going to Carrabbas and of course Freddy’s has the best burger anywhere!

Go-to Coffee Order?

My husband makes the best coffee soooo I’m a Yeti coffee from home girl. 

What are your Hobbies Outside of Work?

I love being involved in my church, crafting and spending time with my large family! There’s nothing like time with the kids and grandkids!

share A Silly or Sweet Work Memory!

I have many memories during my time with Magnolia Homes. If I have to choose one… I guess the thing that makes me laugh every time I think about is the cardboard Reggie!! I was checking the office to see if I needed to bring a sheet rock guy to do any touch up and I walk into a dark room and there is “Reggie” (cardboard one) standing in corner and scared me so bad!! Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t scare easily but that made me jump so hard. I had to laugh at myself. 

If you were stranded on a deserted island and you were able to choose one coworker to be stranded with, who would you choose and why? 

Although I have the pleasure to work many great people. I think I would rather be stranded with Libby. With all the jobs she has had she would definitely be able to survive. And anyone who can survive Mize Mississippi can survive anywhere.

 Sandra, you are such a gem! We’re so grateful for your dedication and your calming presence in each and every situation!