Employee Spotlight: Dean Pakis

February is here and with it brings a brand new employee spotlight! This month, the spotlight is on someone who is a veteran to the Magnolia Homes Team, our very own Dean Pakis! Dean serves his homeowners so well, and keeps us laughing continuously! Without further adieu, Dean Pakis!

What is your role?

I’m the builder in Shepherd’s Creek!

How long have you been at magnolia homes?

9 Years and 2 Months.

What is your Favorite Part About your day-to-day?

Working with all phases of construction crews to make it all come together!

What is your Favorite Lunch Spot?

The “Old Canales Store” eating those awesome smoked ham sandwiches.

Go-to Coffee Order?

Coffee from Burger King…. I know… but it’s not bad coffee!!

What are your Hobbies Outside of Work?

Sports, swimming, water sports, golf, playing drums, listening to 70s, 80s and Jazz music.

share A Silly or Sweet Work Memory!

 I would say the deer that would come into our homes in Phase 1 of Shepherds Creek.  The contractors would feed her almost daily and there was one instance (and I won’t mention the contractor) when the worker was laying on the floor and the deer walked right up to him and stood over him and he raised up so fast screaming and running to his truck that you couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction to her. Needless to say, they became friends.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and you were able to choose one coworker to be stranded with, who would you choose and why? 

I couldn’t pick just one.  I would say Reggie because he’s laid back, and a lot of fun to joke around with and then I would say my little brother from another mother, Hunto because I love to play practical jokes on him almost daily. I couldn’t stand not having him around for me to do that!! I will promise you this, we may not make it back to civilization, but we will have a blast on that Island!!  

Thanks for sharing, Dean! We sure do love you and all that you bring to Magnolia Homes!