Employee Spotlight: Catherine Griffin

New year, same dedication to putting the spotlight on our wonderful MH team! We’re kicking off the new year strong with our very own Catherine Griffin! Catherine, lovingly also called Casserole, has been such a wonderful and sweet addition to our team in 2023! Here’s a little bit more about her!

What is your role?

Client Experience Manager and Design Specialist!

How long have you been at magnolia homes?

I’ve been a part of the team for 8 months!

What is your Favorite Part About your day-to-day?

All the fun dabbling in design world!!! And the variation from each home – love seeing what we choose for available homes versus what trends come about during appointments with homeowners

What is your Favorite Lunch Spot?

Hmmm…Skybox or Tacos for Life! But really, if it was closer, City Silo! (that’ll be my next mission to get them to Cville!)

Go-to Coffee Order?

Cold Brew with Vanilla Sweet Cream…yum, want one now!!!

What are your Hobbies Outside of Work?

Tennis, trying out new restaurants, pickleball!!

share A Silly or Sweet Work Memory!

The time Kaitlyn named me as “Casserole” – we were in Katie’s office and talking about food items to bring to our next work event and accidentally called me Casserole and it has stuck ever since. Can’t say I’ve ever been given that nickname before!!

If you were stranded on a deserted island and you were able to choose one coworker to be stranded with, who would you choose and why? 

DRUMROLL…..KAITLYN MCKAY STAFFORD! The answer is simple. She would be the life of the party on the island and there wouldn’t be one dull moment there!! Best way to be deserted, if you ask me!!

What a good read!! Thanks for sharing, Catherine! What a fun way to kick off the new year!