Designing a Home That Considers Your Pet’s Needs

In the United States, more than 67 million homes include a resident dog or cat. When you’re planning to design a new home, it is a smart decision to include your pet’s needs. Your life will be more convenient with a pet-friendly home design, and your pet will also have a happier and more enjoyable life. Here are some design tips for pet owners to consider when building a new home with Magnolia Homes.


Entrances for Dogs or Cats

If you’ve ever stood at the door waiting for your cat to decide if it wants to go in or out, you’re not alone. Puppies and elderly dogs also need fast and easy access to the yard in order to take care of nature’s call. With a dog or cat entrance in your home, you won’t have to constantly monitor your pet for when it needs to be let in or out. Building one into your new home at the time of construction is more convenient than trying to retrofit one later.


Built-in Enclosures for Fish and Snakes

A spectacular fish tank is a sight to behold. Building in a fish tank could serve as a focal point for your family room or living room. An enclosure for your iguana, snake or turtle could also be a nice addition to your home. A built-in fish tank or reptile or amphibian enclosure also frees up floor space in your home.


Habitrail Environment for Small Pets

Hamsters, gerbils and mice love running through tunnels. Keep these pets happy and enjoy watching them when you include a huge Habitrail environment for them. You can configure the Habitrail system in different ways, which keeps your pet entertained and curious. They’re also easy to disassemble and clean.


Fenced Yards for Pets

Dogs, cats, pet chickens and rabbits benefit from time outdoors, but they need a safe enclosure. A fenced backyard is a wise choice for your new Magnolia home. Even if you don’t want to have your whole yard fenced, a fence around at least part of it will give your pet a safe place to run, play, sniff and do their business. A fence will also keep your pet out of areas in your yard you don’t want them to be, such as your garden or flower beds.


Windows With Easy Access for Cats and Dogs

If you prefer your pet to stay indoors, it’s a good idea to create a place where they can enjoy looking outside and watching people, birds, squirrels and butterflies. Consider installing at least one window seat with some steps for your dog or cat to climb. This allows them to easily look out the window without scratching your walls or furniture. Installing some windows that go lower to the floor is also a good idea. Your pet could sit on the floor and look out the window for amusement.