Design Feature: Iron Railing – Worth the Upgrade?

When we think about your new construction home coming together, do you imagine every little detail? All the way down to things like grout color, shutter style, and even ornamental iron? For some, ornamental iron is a design element that goes into the forefront of their dream home palette as soon as they decide they want to build a home!

So, the big question our homeowners often ask in their design appointment when it comes to this portion of the meeting: is it worth spending the money to upgrade? Our honest answer: it depends! Here are a few things to think about when deciding to upgrade your ornamental iron in your home:

Is your ornamental iron in a place that is visible to others?

Do you have a grand stairwell?

Do you have a balcony with iron railing lining it?

Do you have wiggle room in your budget?

Do you desire a wow-factor in your home?

This is where we start when helping our homeowners decide if they should upgrade their ornamental iron railing. We are fortunate that we work with an iron craftsman that is impeccable at his trade! So, whether you decide to stick with the standard style or upgrade to a more remarkable iron, the quality of the product is still durable and robust.

If the iron railing is in a publicly visible place in the home, if you have a grand stairwell, if you have a balcony with iron railing, we personally believe upgrading your ornamental iron is something to consider! Small changes like adding a lamb’s tongue at the end of the railing can turn an ordinary stairwell into an extraordinary part of your home.

The variations in ornamental iron offered are all so unique and provide such a statement. Depending on the floor plan, this is one design element that we typically upgrade in our inventory homes. We thoroughly believe ornamental iron is a simple way to increase the elegance of your home, especially if you see it each and every day in your home.

When you begin the design process of your new construction home, maybe take time in considering if upgrading the ornamental iron is worth it to you!