A Strong Foundation

Strong foundations set Magnolia Homes apart. As a top home builder in the Memphis area, Magnolia Homes meets and exceeds expectations on a regular basis. We set the bar higher than industry standards for our homes because we care about the long-term livability of our homeowners.


Like with most construction, some of the most important details in your home are things you just do not see. Especially in a finished home. We know that you love to look at the high quality hardwood floors, the unique features like custom closets, and the charming bench seats in our mud rooms. Special touches like tile and granite selections make your heart swoon. But for us here at Magnolia Homes, we know details mean nothing if the foundation and structure of your home aren’t solid, reliable, and done right.




It really does start with a solid foundation. Our homes are all built on slabs, and that means the foundation starts with pouring a big base of concrete. You may think that one concrete pad is the same as the next, but that simply isn’t true. Most of our competitors’ slabs are set 8 inches out of the ground. Our slabs are almost double that! They start at a minimum of 14 inches out of the ground. What does that mean?


  • Bring in the Dirt – This allows more opportunity to bring in dirt to slope drainage away from your home.


  • Fewer Problems – This elevation of the foundation alleviates problems associated with water sitting around your foundation, such as cracking and water penetration.


  • It Just Looks Better – Not only is it more efficient for drainage, your home looks more attractive sitting up higher than it does on ground level.


When we start with a solid foundation to your home, not only is our concrete pad thicker, we put more steel in our footings and in our slab to ensure a strong foundation. Before we even pour your slab, an engineer inspects the slab, the grade, and the density of steel to ensure that everything is prepared correctly. We don’t mess around with the start of your home, and it shows in the final touches.


If you’d like more information on building a home with us, contact Taylor Our New Home Specialist online, to talk more about your needs and set up a design consultation today.