A Guide to Choosing Your Countertops

When building or purchasing a new construction home, one of the selections that bring the entire home together are the countertops! Countertops set the tone for the home and are the selection we see the most: including eating breakfast at your kitchen island, getting ready in the morning, where you put your bags when leaving for the day. Because of the importance of these gorgeous centerpieces, we wanted to highlight the four countertops we see the most in our homes and what makes them different!


A type of man-made quartz that is the most durable and low maintenance of the countertops! Scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and fire and heat-resistance, this countertop can withstand the trials of time! This countertop comes in a variety of different tones and textures, mimicking natural stone colors. Dekton also has a 25-year warranty on all of its surfaces.


One of our most desired types of countertops are Silestone countertops! These countertops are a type of quartz, but very durable in high-traffic locations and are low-maintenance and easy to clean. Unlike natural stone, there is little to no variation in Silestone slabs. Our homeowners often like to choose these in our Design Center, as they know the consistency will be the same as the finished product. These come in an abundance of color possibilities! It also does not require any sealer – unlike granite! Like Dekton, Silestone also has a 25-year transferrable warranty. Silestone keeps up with you!


Moving along to a countertop known by many: granite! This is one of our most popular countertop choices, as it is absolutely gorgeous with its distinct appearance. A natural stone, granite is very popular for its ability to look different throughout each slab.

Cultured Marble

Cultured Marble is a man-made material made by combining crushed stone and adhesives! We typically see cultured marble used in upstairs bathrooms, where we know the look is consistent and congruent throughout.

We hope this information is helpful in knowing the difference in countertops! We see a variety of these countertops in each of our homes. We continue to guide our homeowners towards what they prefer, while informing them on the pros and cons of each. Whatever material is chosen, we know their countertops will be a beautiful focal point in their home.