4 Perks to Choosing a Mesh Office Chair

You may be surprised at how expensive office chairs can cost, but once you factor in how much time you spend sitting in your office, you’ll be glad you made the investment in a quality chair. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a superior office chair.

Chair companies such as Sitbetter offer a variety of chairs that range from basic to luxury. You can expect quick assembly and adjustable features with each style. There are products to fit every budget, while also reaping the benefits of comfort and practicality that will make a difference in your day’s performance. Below are four questions to ask yourself when beginning your office chair search.

1) Why should I consider a mesh chair?

Mesh computer chairs are some of the most popular styles on the market, as they combine comfort and ergonomics. The following are just a few of the reasons why this type of seating is a must-have for the office:

  • Adjustable backs and arm rests and mobile bases
  • Mesh material is breathable and comfortable; keeps air flowing freely
  • Enhances the office space, while looking casual and cool
  • Can feature fun colors
  • Affordable

2) What should I look for in my mesh chair?

Consider the characteristics that will best fit your lifestyle and budget. For example, higher backrests are known to relieve neck and upper back strain, as well as support the spine. Chairs that lean forward are ideal for slouchers, while reclining chairs are great for stretching and relaxing. Ergonomic chairs offer upper head and neck support, as well as lumbar support.

These chairs also have options for armrests, as you can choose styles that have them or styles that don’t. If you’re undecided, make sure you choose a chair that has optional or adjustable armrests that allow you to move them as needed.

3) Do mesh chairs have a mesh seat?

Only the back of the chair is made from breathable mesh, so you can choose any material for the seat. The most common seat types paired with mesh backs include leather or memory foam. The combination of the mesh material on the back and the contoured shape of the seat will allow you to be as comfortable as possible while working.

4) Can I personalize my mesh chair?

Don’t forget that when shopping for a mesh computer chair, you want to select seating that is tailored toward your own specifications, not just what the manufacturer has assembled. When you can choose all the characteristics, from the type of upholstery to the seat sliding mechanisms, you can build a chair that fits your exact needs. This allows you to be sensitive to existing health problems such as back or neck pain, while being comfortable and productive during your work day.

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