2024 Paint Trends

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. At least for those passionate about new home construction and interior design! It’s time to look at the projected trends for home design! We absolutely love diving into design trends we’re seeing currently and what we can expect to see make headway into the new year. First, we’ll start with the projected paint colors we expect to see in 2024. Next month, we’ll expand specifically into interior design elements for new construction homes! Here we go!

Blues + Greens

A sigh of relief for all of us who are naturally drawn to calming colors – the comforting tones of blue and green are here to stay! We’ve seen a continuous shift in creating peaceful and serene settings within homes, and there’s no better color combination to do so than the harmonious blend of green and blue palettes.

We do predict blues to have a major moment in 2024, but with more livelier shades than we’ve seen in previous years. For example, both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore picked shades of blue for their 2024 Color of the Year. Benjamin Moore selected “Blue Nova”, described as a mix between violet and blue inspired by the brilliance of a new star forming in space. Thrilling! We would love to see this color used in a child’s playroom and on built-ins or office cabinetry.

Meanwhile, Sherwin Williams went for a blue on a brighter end of the color spectrum, referred to as a “wellness-boosting blue.” “Upward” is described as a blissful blue, a color for total contentment, saturated with the hues of light denim blue with gray undertones. Sounds euphoric! We think this would be perfect incorporated into a primary bedroom design palette.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you will begin to see the expansion into the earthy green colors in interior design palettes. Personally, we have used dramatic tones of green on cabinetry and dining room walls, which have turned out absolutely stunning. Not only have the colors themselves been stunning, but pairing earthy tones with other selections and finishes has created a very cohesive look.

Greens are a color we expect to see make an impact throughout the decade. The color of serenity and prosperity, this fun hue can easily lift spirits and bring an extra dose of energy as soon as you walk into the room it inhabits. 

Sophisticated Neutrals

Next up, sophisticated neutrals! Neutral hues will never go out of style and continue to be the timeless anchor we need in our homes. In 2024, we expect to see neutrals warm up with buttery and blush hues, a contrast from previous years where we’ve seen them favor a cooler, grayer undertone. We will see white paint colors incorporate subtle tones of honey and rose, creating a warm and inviting environment.

More and more homeowners have been integrating LED lighting in their home, which casts a cooler shade. To counterbalance this, the buttery tones have been used to implement warmer color on white walls, trim, and cabinetry.

deeps + darks

Switching gears from light staples and moving to the moody and the bold! We expect that dark shades will be significant for 2024! Spanning deep greens, profound browns, and rich blues, these colors are praised for their ability to create comforting and cozy atmospheres in the home, and it’s clear that paint companies are championing this as a key trend. Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin Williams, says, “Deep-value tones have become synonymous with sanctuary, nurturing, and artisanal touches.”

We are thrilled to see even more of these grounding, yet statement-making hues. As you may have already seen, more and more homeowners are incorporating a deep, dark, and moody paint color for their dining room walls or primary bedroom walls. In addition, cabinetry is shifting towards dramatic and beautiful earth tones that are sure to make an impression. Bold hues provide a powerful contrast to the bright and airy tones that are being introduced to the 2024 design palette.  

adventure seekers

Now for the fun part: the adventure-seekers! Bright and brilliant colors are swiftly breaking into the interior paint scene. These colors include bright pinks, playful aquas, empowering purples, and vibrant teals. We see these described as nostalgic and optimistic colors!

We expect to see versatile purple rise on the scene for color trends, ranging from the vibrant hues of plum to muted and tranquil lilac. Designers add that purple is a great companion to pinks, blues, and greens, providing more depth in each of these shades.  

Not a fan of purple, but still want to be adventurous in your home?! How about adding in an organic pink such as blush or baby pink, instead? Designers are predicting the emergence of these courageous colors into the world of interior design. We’re very excited to see how these translate into home palettes.

How fun does 2024 sound?! We are thrilled to see some of these expected colors come to life in the world of interior home design palettes. Stay tuned for the sequel to this post: home design trends for 2024!