2024 Interior Design Trends

Welcome back to the second part of our 2024 Design Trends series! Last month, we covered interior paint trends (read more here!) and today, we’re covering what we expect to see in interior design trends for 2024.

2024 is the return of doing all things at home. Home is in! Whether you’re hosting dinner parties and happy hours, or working and working out, the return of the homebody is here! You will see there’s an even bigger emphasis on making your home a space of enjoyment, inspiration, and elevation.

Home Offices

Gone are the days where “working from home” meant pulling out your laptop and working from your kitchen island. As work from home opportunities have become more prevalent, homeowners are investing in a dedicated office space. Even more, we expect the home office spaces in 2024 to have designs of boldness, inspiration, and awe. This space should mean business, but also be a place where we can stay motivated and creative. Bright colors, built-ins desks and bookshelves, and an abundance of natural lighting and original artwork will surely be a hit in home office spaces.

Social Seating

This year, you’ll see more focus on social seating within the home. Creating comfortable environments where others can come enjoy your space and have conversation is key as a host and certain furniture layouts and types of seating available lend themselves to this type of setting. The goal is to have your guests feel at home and able to converse with one another with ease. Looser arrangements with asymmetry lead to a more casual feel where conversations can flow and blend. If you’re wanting to achieve more sophisticated conversation, a more formal layout would lend itself to this. No matter your choice of layout, providing a comfortable space while entertaining stays at the heart of it all!

Rounded Shapes

A new trend making its way onto the scene throughout the home this year will be a mix of curves and angular shapes. We will see more rounded shapes, whether that is in arched doorways or in furniture pieces. Rounded shapes evoke an inviting nature and soften the space. That mixed with angular shapes creates variety and interest in the home!

Hidden Televisions

We all love them, but we can all agree they can be an eye-sore to a well-decorated home. Finding ways to conceal the family room TV will become popular in the next year. While most family rooms center around where the television is set, we can expect to see a shift away from them being the focal point and finding creative solutions to hiding them. This could look like disguising them behind paneling that matches the walls or that contains a beautiful work of art, ensuring the space continues to evoke refinement while still being family-friendly.

Connection to Outdoors

Who doesn’t love a little sunshine beaming in to illuminate your home?! In this coming year, we will see homeowners want to connect even more to the outdoors. This could mean creating visual interest by incorporating a wall full of windows to allow in the natural light. Another way to achieve this concept is with sliding doors to the outdoor living area. This helps homeowners have an extended living space and invite the outdoors in!

Kitchen Organization

A little organization goes a long way, and especially when it is in such a well-used space! A kitchen trend we will see in 2024 is kitchen organization and utilization. When building a new home, areas like walk-in pantries, sculleries and butler’s pantries are all top of mind. Utilizing these spaces efficiently brings the mind ease, but also helps day-to-day activity! A few fun ideas we may see in the new year are elevated coffee stations and appliance garages – everything has a spot! Additionally, we will see people continue to make the ordinary places extraordinary. We will see these everyday spaces filled with fun and vibrant color palettes, tile, and finishes.


We saw a rise in the use of wallpaper in 2023, and you can expect to see more of that in 2024! Adding a bit of flair and personality can be accomplished with some wallpaper in your home! Whether it is going in a half bathroom, an entry hall, or an accent wall of a bedroom, you can be sure to see this trend show itself prominently again in the coming year.

Bold Accent Walls / Brightly Colored Featured Walls

Go Bold in 2024! We’re expecting to see a lot of bold color come through on accent walls and cabinetry among other areas! This is your time to make a statement! Adding a splash of color to one wall or all walls in a room is a great way to invite some character into the space.

The Beauty of Nature

Like the trend in paint colors, you will see design materials of all sorts start shifting to mimic the elements of nature. Whether it’s stone floors, terracotta color palettes, wood-stained cabinets, and marble backsplashes, there is a strong desire for incorporating the serenity that nature provides into our homes.


As we’ve seen in recent years, homeowners have taken the tile game up a notch and really played with the ingenuity of this material. In 2024, we will continue to see oversized, large-scale tiles with a high tactile quality and handmade unique décor. Homeowners and designers will experiment playing with dark colors, dramatic patterns, and lively shapes. New compositions and unexpected layouts, such as stacked subway tile instead of horizontal, will add a sense of grandeur and personality to spaces.  


Finally, our projection for 2024 trends in cabinetry will include warm, warm, and warmer tones. In paint colors, you will see brown reemerging on the scene, which includes wood-grain cabinets. Taupe, off-white with honey or blush tones, and of course the beloved hues of green will also be very popular in cabinet colors. As for style, we will see more homeowners incorporate communal seating arrangements. This could look like incorporating more seating at the island, moving the cooktop to the perimeter cabinets, and designing the island to look more like a furniture piece than a cooking display. This is another way to incorporate communal areas for conversation for friends and family!

That’s a wrap on all of the design elements we expect to see in 2024! We are simply adoring the subtle shifts in nostalgic home design. We are always excited to see fresh and new ideas, while implementing timeless and classic details throughout our homes!