Home Design Trends We Are Seeing

Spring is here! Grass is greening! Flowers are in full bloom! Weather is warming up! Days are longer and we sure are ecstatic to be inching closer and closer to summer!!

Adding to the list of things we’re looking forward to in the upcoming weeks is finishing not one but TWO model homes! We will have brand new model homes in our Oak Hill and Cypress Grove Communities as they commemorate the opening of new phases! We cannot wait to show you all of the fun and elegant selections we’ve chosen for both of these homes.

As we begin the thrilling process of designing our model homes, we often take into consideration current and upcoming trends and discern which we will incorporate in our homes that we know will be timeless and transitional! Read below about some of the design trends we’re in love with and what you can plan to see in our new model homes!


Hexagons, squares, circles, even scallop: bring on the shapes! We are so excited for you to see some of the fun shapes of tile selections that we’ve incorporated into our new model homes, mixing textures, sizes, and types of shapes! However, incorporating geometric shapes are not limited to just bathroom tile and kitchen backsplashes! We’ve also incorporated fun shapes in our lighting, countertop veining, iron railing, trim work, half bath vanities, and even our fireplaces!

Bold Colors

Bold & beautiful! Your home should be a representation of the things you like. If you find yourself gravitating towards bright & bold colors, don’t shy away from using those in your interior designs! If you’ve been around here long enough, you know we’re big fans of adding color throughout our homes. Whether it’s an island, scullery, bathroom tile, half bath wallpaper, or dining room walls, we love adding in a splash of color! This is a home design trend that we predict will only expand as the years continue! 

Clear Glass Lighting

Bye Bye to lamp shades! Hello to clear glass lighting. We’ve loved seeing the transition to gorgeous lighting that blends simplicity and sophistication. Clear glass lighting has slowly but surely made its way onto the scene and we are loving every minute of it! In some cases, simplicity is key, and that is definitely true with lighting (without sacrificing statement, of course!).

Natural Colors in Countertops

As time continues, we are seeing the shift to using colors and materials inspired by nature! For example, in countertops we are seeing natural colors and geometric veining that mimics beautiful elements found throughout the Earth. You will see in our new model homes that we’ve used Silestone (from Cosentino) for many of our countertops, that incorporate geometric veining and organic, warm colors!

Warm Tones for Hardwood Floors

Another design element that we are incorporating in our homes is warm tones for hardwood floors! We are seeing more and more of the honey, golden colors in homes and we are a big fan! We often see hardwood colors shift with the color palette tones. Bright and earthy tones are an important aspect in home design palettes, which match perfect with these beautiful, warm hardwood floors.

These are just a few of the opulent home design trends we are seeing and even incorporating in our homes! Stay tuned for our new model home openings when you can see some of these gorgeous designs come to life!