A live walkthrough of a new home

When a Magnolia Homes New Home Specialist takes you on a virtual home tour, they are taking you on a live walkthrough of a new home as if you were there in-person. While we also have an extensive photo gallery and video library for all of our model homes and floor plans, our virtual tours allow you to get a better feel for the perspective and size of the space. When it’s not possible for you to take an in-person tour of a new home, our virtual tours are a great and convenient alternative.

How does it work?

First, simply book an appointment online, and we’ll work with you to find a time that best suits your schedule. When your tour begins, one of our experienced New Home Specialists will show you around the entire house and answer any questions you have—all in real-time!

Why Virtual Tours?

Magnolia Homes is here for our clients no matter the circumstances

There are so many reasons that prospective buyers are unable to make in-person appointments to view a house, especially in light of recent events. Perhaps you’re looking for your retirement dream home or next family abode, and you live outside of the Mid-South area. You might not be able to drop everything and travel to each listing and see it in person as soon as it comes to market.


Homebuilders also do virtual tours of their options for floor plans. If you’re designing a customized home, this allows you to get a sense of the space. When your health, work schedule, or a stay-at-home order do not allow you to tour a home in person, you can do the virtual tour from your smartphone or laptop any time that’s convenient for you!


In our technological world, we will take advantage of the resources available to help you find your dream home. Book online today!

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