Are you presently considering purchasing a new construction home?

It’s an option that gives you the most control over your property. You’ll be the first person to live in the home, and the entire structure and its contents will be brand-new.

There are a few essential things to keep in mind when you’re buying a new construction home:

What Exactly Is a New Construction Home?

A new construction home is a home that’s built brand-new from the ground up versus an older – sometimes dated – home. The term is a reference to the fact that the people who create the home will become the first-ever inhabitants. That means you can build it how you like, to meet your specific requirements.

With the power of building a new home comes the responsibility of performing research and making decisions. Since you’re in charge of many aspects of your design, it’s worth learning and deciding on all the crucial information about upgrades, building materials, and amenities.
Only you can decide what your dream home should look like and how the final build will appear. Fortunately, the team at Magnolia Homes is here to guide you and answer any questions you may have during each phase of the process.

Buying a New Construction Home: What’s Involved?

Purchasing new construction homes will vary by builder and locality, but the process for Magnolia Homes is as follows:

Once an agreement is signed, we immediately process and send it to the Town of Collierville to begin the permitting process. Within 14 days, you’ll have your first meeting with our design specialist who assists you during the entire construction process.

You’ll then have another session with her within 28 days to finalize selections as well as your lighting meeting. Your pre-construction meeting is within 30 days of a signed agreement, and this is with our construction, sales and design teams.

You’ll review a full set of large blueprints and go through a detailed agenda along with your agreement and addendum so that we can ensure everything is correct before pouring the foundation of your home.

Following this, you also have an electrical walk-through once your home has framing to look at everything from lighting switches to door swings.

Finally, you will have a final orientation walk through with our team to look at every detail of your home before closing.

What Are My Customization Options?

Building a new construction home gives you many options when it comes to design and features.

Magnolia Homes is a new home builder that remains very flexible with owner customization. That includes crucial items from the floor plan and front elevation through all design finishes, including cabinets, countertops, flooring, tile and lighting.

Our goal is to help you feel as comfortable as possible when putting the details you want in your new home. We’re willing to work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the features and functionality you expect.

Don’t be shy at all about discussing your ideas with our team. We’re here to help when you want a customized solution. Our primary and lasting goal is to ensure that your home exceeds your desires. We’re willing to work hard to turn your vision into a dream home.

Do I Need My Own Agent and Lender?

It’s ideal to have your agent and lender in place as the construction plans pick up speed.

You’re not required to have your own agent as Magnolia Homes has experienced New Home Sales Specialists in each community, but we certainly welcome any agents if you’re currently working with one. We offer recommendations on lenders as well in the event you haven’t chosen one yet.

How Do I Research My Builder?

For every builder you are considering, do a thorough job of looking at online reviews, company history and warranties offered. For example, Magnolia offers a limited 10-year structural warranty through QBW.

Some builders don’t have the track record that you would expect. If your research turns up with a lot of negative reviews, it may be worth changing your plans.

Keep in mind the key features that indicate a builder provides high-quality service. These include the following:

  • Warranty Offered – *Magnolia Homes offers a 10-yr limited structural warranty; QBW Warranty Details
  • A consensus of reviews is positive.
  • The company has a good ranking with the Better Business Bureau and other organizations.
  • Current customers are willing to provide positive testimonials..
  • Your dealings with the company show that they’re responsive and focused on customer support.
  • The firm has a portfolio of properties to show.

The same factors that make any business superior also apply to homebuilders.

What Factors Do I Need to Consider When Budgeting?

Make sure to consider the luxury options you would like to add throughout the construction process, such as additional lighting, fencing, window treatments and also closing costs.

All of these will add additional expenses to the project, so you need to calculate how they’ll impact your monthly payment.

You may want to discuss your options and additional customization with us and consider visiting a Magnolia Homes Design Preview Night at our Design Center to help you plan your budget. That way, your forecasting will be accurate.

Do I Need to Get a Brand-New Home Inspected?

It’s not required, but Magnolia is glad to work with your inspector if you do have one.

Customizable homes provide families with the features they want at an affordable price. When it comes time to buy a new home, consider the bottom line. Although a newly constructed home may cost more upfront than an existing one, everything is brand-new.

That means maintenance costs are much lower, despite the more substantial initial investment. Choose a homebuilder with tons of experience who will work with you to ensure the process works out.

Choosing the Best Builder for the Job

Choosing a customizable builder allows buyers to build a new home that stands out from the crowd. Although existing homes have plenty of charm, nothing stands up to the excitement of creating the ideal space for your family.

Magnolia Homes has an excellent reputation for building the types of homes that people cherish. If you’re in the market for a new construction home, contact us to begin creating your dream home today!