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3 Preferred Lenders, Here for You

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Most people looking for a new home tend to believe that homebuilders require 20% down. While that may still be true for some homebuilders, Magnolia Homes requires as little as 5% of the total home price for an initial investment.


If you qualify for the benefits of a VA home loan, it can certainly be a great option for buying a new home. While it’s true that the VA home loan doesn’t require the borrower to put down money as a deposit, most homebuilders will still require a minimum of 5-20% to build a home or to even sell an inventory home. But don’t worry, with a VA loan, you can elect to have this money credited back to you at closing or applied to the purchase price.


It’s always good to find a mortgage professional that you trust. That’s why we offer not 1 but 3 preferred lenders, hand-selected by our owners, Karen Garner and Reggie Garner, Jr., to ensure the smoothest home buying process from start to finish. All three have worked with Magnolia Homes for some time and understand the new home building process. We don’t require anyone to speak with our lenders, but all 3 of our preferred lenders offer $1,000 towards closing costs when used.


With interest rates near historic lows, the time to buy a home has never been better. If you have questions about a particular financing option, we’d be more than happy to get you in touch with one of our 3 preferred lenders. Call today or visit us on our website for more information. Your new Magnolia Home is just a few steps away.

The Perks of Building with James Hardie®

Categories: Energy Efficiency, The Magnolia Blog | Posted: June 27, 2017

Of the following, what would you say are the most important to you in your new home:
Quality of construction, energy efficiency, or low maintenance? What if you could have all of those in one product? The truth of it is – you can.

James Hardie® offers a variety of products that offer all of these features combined with the bonus of making your new home even more stunning with a number of design options. James Hardie® is known for being the inventor of fiber cement board siding. The cement board, also called James Hardie® siding, is one of the industry’s most recognized names and product. James Hardie® products are unsusceptible to pests, withstand weather, resistant against rot and moisture, and (perhaps one of the most important things) it has fire-resistant qualities.

James Hardie® products are specifically Engineered for Climate® to withstand the hot, humid conditions, the sun, snow, sleet, hail, and more. James Hardie® siding resists fading, cracking, and swelling that is common with vinyl and wood products. Unlike wood, these products are highly resistant not only to mold and rot but also termites, woodpeckers, and other animals.
We all know that fire feasts on wood and will melt vinyl products, and that’s something else that makes James Hardie® products different. These products are non-combustible and will not ignite when exposed to direct fire. It’s because of these characteristics that most insurance companies offer discounts and firefighters endorse the products.

With all of these wonderful features, it’s not a surprise to learn that the Memphis area’s leading luxury new home builder, Magnolia Homes, also uses James Hardie® products on all of their new homes. But Magnolia Homes doesn’t just use James Hardie® siding, we build 100% James Hardie® homes, consisting of the siding, trim, sofit, etc. Your brand new Magnolia Home will have no wood, except for solid cedar columns and cedar accents, per plan. Instead your new home will be 100% brick and James Hardie® products – keeping your new home safe and low maintenance.

For more information, #AskTaylor by calling 901.309.0710 today.

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